Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I haven't been a very good blogger the last month or so. But I have been so busy its not even funny! Like working 70 hours a week busy...and I'm not even exaggerating!!

But! I have been productive and have been working on some wedding stuff. A few days ago I posted a picture of my laundry basket full of tissue paper flowers I have working on for over a month now.

Well...I got a total of 7! Yes 7 pomander out of that!! I thought Id get 5 at MOST but not 7 with almost enough left over to make another one. So I was very pleasantly surprised! This means I am a little over half the way done with the poms I need for one part of our centerpieces, which is good because these things are a labor of love for sure!

On Saturday we are going to go look at our ceremony venue to see exactly what its going to look like during the time of our wedding. This way I can decide if I'm going to do poms to hang on the chairs during the ceremony and hopefully get some good pictures of the ceremony venue :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Getting in Shape

Ive been working really hard to lose some weight before I go wedding dress shopping. I told myself I wanted to lose 50lbs before I went and tried on dresses (I wasn't planning on doing this probably until late this summer/early this fall). So I really do have like 2-3+ months before I planned on trying on dresses but I'm getting discouraged :( And I have been working my butt off and its killing me!!! (not really lol) I think I do need to try harder...especially with the eating aspect.

I can tell in some areas that I have been losing weight/inches...which makes me feel good but I feel like with how hard Ive been working and how "closely" I have been watching what I eat/how much I have been eating I feel like I should be seeing better results.

So far I have been:
Cutting calories to about 1400/1500 a day..eating lots of fruits and veggies
And then work outs:
Mondays: I work almost the entire day so theres not much time to exercise but I do walk to and from my internship..and then, if its not too late, walk the halls at one of the retirement communities after work (try and do a mile)
Tuesday: Five mile walk if weather is good
Wednesday: Turbo Jam (40min-burns about 600+ cals)
Thursday: Five mile walk if weather is good
Friday: Turbo Jam (40 min)
Sat: Another busy day in general...I get lots of walking in between going to the farmers market/rallies and work..Im going to start doing at least a 20 min work out video or one of the 30 min yoga classes I recorded on the TV.
Sunday: This is my super long 14 hour work day...Thankfully the lady I do the 12 hr shift with likes to walk so me and her walk a lot which helps...I also do a lot of cleaning over there...Bad thing is I do not eat very well when I'm there :(

I think I need to start adding in more exercise...Good thing is I bought a new bike last night so that should help me squeeze a few extra calories out.

I "think" I have lost 2.5lbs this I guess that's not too bad :)

Here's to eating better, having more self control, and exercising more this next week!!! And losing some more weight ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tissue Paper, and Floral Wire, and Styrofoam Balls. OH MY!

So Im still working on my tissue paper poms! We got 3 more 6 inch balls from Hobby Lobby last week using our 40% off coupons (2.70$ a piece is way better than 5$ a piece).

So I decided that the easiest way to make all these was to do it in Im making a ton of the flowers first and then making the poms.

Well last Friday I started the mass flower making process and it was going really well...I just sat in front of the tv and just made one after another. After I had a nice pile going a certain little kitty decided that I required kitten assistance and then decided that they were, in fact, for her...for her to play with to be exact! So I had to find some where to put these where she couldn't get to them.

 This is what helping looks like, by the way.

So I put them in a laundry basket and I have decided that I will start putting the flowers in the balls as soon as I fill this puppy up.

This is what I started with last Friday:

And this is what I have as of today:

Making good progress!! (P.S. Ignore all the junk on the floor lol) Its probably about half full? I have used all the tissue I had already cut out so Ill have to do some more before I can continue.

It'll be interesting to see how many full poms I can get out of a full basket :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

So I reallllyyyy wanted to see what Kate's dress looked like....mainly to see if my idea of what it would be was correct...and I have to say it was pretty spot on!!

She was Absolutely stunning!!!! I hope I look a fraction as good as she did on my wedding day :)

Gorgeous..just gorgeous!!!

And on another busting my bum to get some more of these pomanders done...I swear I do like 30 flowers and then i count them and Ive only actually done like 10 lol. I can tell this really is going to be a labor of love! Ive got a lot of these puppies to bust out!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Color combo

Here's a little inspiration for our colors :)

So pretty :)

Tissue Pom

So I finally completed my first tissue paper pom! And in all truth it really wasnt that hard!

So heres a picture of the Pom:

I think the hardest part of the process is cutting out the tissue paper, but besides that its pretty easy and it goes pretty fast!

Heres a rough mock-up of the centerpiece:

This isnt a very good picture because with the flash you cant see the blue light.

I think I might put a ribbon at the top of the vase because I cant fill the aqua gems all the way to the top of the vase otherwise it will make the tissue paper wet and it will probably bleed. I think we decided these will be on the tables with the pink table cloths.

I bought my tissue paper from paper mart and the 400 sheet pack of tissue paper should be enough to make 20 tissue poms...which is more than enough for all of these types of centerpieces and maybe some to hang off the chairs on the aisle during the ceremony. And now I just need to figure out how to store these!!

Hobby lobby also has a 40% off any item coupon for this week, so Kyle and I will be going there a few times to pick up some more Styrofoam balls. With the coupon it brings them down (6 inch ones) to 2.27$ a piece which is a good price for those!!

My next project is to order the lose orchids from the website I found and do a mock-up of our other centerpiece...which hopefully will be a lot less work then these ones!!